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An Impactful & Transformative Education

LoAI is a special place to upskill, engage in Pan-African networking, build personal and collaborative relationships with professors, and amplify your voice in international development.

LoAI Scholars & Fellows

LoAI Scholars and Fellows are creative innovators and disruptors from across the African continent whose pursuit of knowledge benefits the local community and world. Scholars and Fellows include students, faculty, and professionals in diverse substantive fields from public health to education to social science to other important international development fields.

LoAI Approach

The Leaders of Africa Institute pursues a wholistic approach that spans inquiry and research to the creation of impactful evidence-based projects. Unlike normal degree programs that rely heavily on lectures, exams, and memorization, LoAI relies on impact education that is portfolio-building, creative-shaping, and life-changing.

Research & Learn

It begins with rigorous inquiry to assess need, explore best practices, and build knowledge


It involves powerful, creative, and inclusive local and global engagement and outreach


It continues with designing programs, tech, and experiences with sustainable high-impact value


It persists with meaningful change that enhances equity, social justice, and leadership

Impact Scholarships & Funding

Through the LoAI Impact Scholarship Program, all accepted Scholars and Fellows receive nearly full funding to participate in programs and in some cases grants are awarded for outstanding projects that emerge from the program.

Impact Scholarships
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Impact Scholarships
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Research, Media, and Tech Support & Visibility

Scholars and Fellows at the LoAI have access to Leaders of Africa’s Research & Innovation Lab, Media Lab, and Activist Tech Lab to support research and impact projects shaped at the Institute.

Eric Yakum's Study on Age

In 2021, Eric began a study on the social safety net for retired-aged people in Ghana. The study seeks to understand how accessible quality healthcare has become in the country and ways to improve it. As part of the Research Methods Program, Eric condition focus group discussions.

Coding at Research Methods Program 2021

Portfolio and Promotion

LoAI provides Scholars & Fellows the substantive, technical tools, and platform to build their personal brand and amplify their voice in international development

Research Methods Program 2021 Engagement

Research & Innovation Lab Support

The Lab facilitates Scholars & Fellows with advanced, country and continent-wide research. Whether it is fielding a survey to conducting diverse focus groups, as well as the technical tools for data collection and analysis.

Podcast Master Class 2021

Media Lab Support

The Leaders of Africa Media Lab provides Scholars & Fellows with the professional tools and platform to make your research, results, and projects achieve international recognition.

Podcast Studio Set Up

Tech Lab Support

The Leaders of Africa Tech Lab provides Scholars & Fellows with a team to help develop bespoke tech platforms to solve international problems. Make your ideas come to life.

Flagship Programs

Research Methods Program

The Research Methods Program focuses on the tools and techniques of inquiry applicable to many fields, including the social sciences, public health, and data science.

Grant Writing and Funding Workshop

The Grant Writing and Funding (GWF) Workshop takes you through the process of communicating the value of your research to key stakeholders to mobilize funds and resources for impactful research.

Data + Design for Development Program

The Data + Design for Development Program takes you through the decision-making process and makes you think critically about data and design for development.

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