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About the
Leaders of Africa Institute

Founded in 2018

LoAI is a special place to upskill, engage in Pan-African networking, build personal and collaborative relationships with professors, and amplify one’s voice in international development. LoAI provides Scholars & Fellows with the tools and platform to creatively transform knowledge production and society.

LoAI Values

Personal Relationships & Collaboration

LoAI values enduring personal relationships between professors, Scholars, and Fellows. We are a supportive community in the Institute family. It enables our wholistic approach to learning and action

Creativity & Experimentation

LoAI professors, Scholars, and Fellows push the limits of the research, engagement, and impact projects. We value experimental and innovative approaches that challenge existing ways of doing things


LoAI values advancing knowledge and impact-oriented projects with empirical rigor, including deploying a diverse set of tools and methods aimed at inquiry and engagement


LoAI values societal engagement for impact through our work and to amplify our collective voice to advanced development

Mission and Value-Driven

LoAI values knowledge production accompanied by an upright life and use of knowledge. We believe that a commitment to pursuing the common good should shape our research and advocacy pursuits.

LoAI Words to Actions

All Professors, Scholars, and Fellows must embrace the Leaders of Africa Pledge and Leaders of Africa Honor Code. At the beginning of all programs, there is an official ceremony of commitment to the values of being a true leader of Africa and the globe.

Leaders of Africa Pledge

“I commit myself to further the cause of equity, justice, and selfless service in my country, the African continent, and globally. I stand unafraid to identify and question anyone engaging in behavior that contributes to inequity and injustice, including corruption and the protection of privilege. I also accept the well-meaning and respectful critique of others to ensure I maintain my commitment to justice and equity despite temptations to do otherwise. I pledge myself to the service of others regardless of their background and do all in my power to be a true leader of Africa.”

Leaders of Africa Honor Code

“As a Scholar of the Leaders of Africa Institute, I pledge to be honest and exhibit integrity in all of the work that I do. I acknowledge that the pursuit of knowledge comes with the responsibility to gather knowledge ethically and to use the knowledge gained for the moral good. I further resolve to take ownership of my own work and not share unauthorized information with others. I also know that I must safeguard this pledge by ensuring that my fellow Scholars uphold the Honor Code.”

Leaders of Africa

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