Afro-centric Startup Short Course

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About the Short Course

Our premier startup course is a live Cloud Classroom program taught by instructors from the Leaders of Africa Institute. This means you work closely with your instructors to develop your ideas and skills and plan for successful implementation.

What You Learn

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Do you have an idea that you want to transform into a tangible value-adding product or service? Join our Afro-centric startup program where you learn practical skills and tools to transform your idea into a tangible product or service and launch a successful business. The course is designed to equip you with the foundational skills every startup needs to be successful.

Create a Brand that Lasts

Brand is everything. It represents your vision and the overall mission of your business. From this course you will learn how to build a successful brand and image that resonates with customers and expresses your product or service belief.

Engage New Customers

Every business needs customers. You can create a great product or service but if you don't have customers, then you can't sell your product and business failure is inevitable. Customers are the foundation of a successful business. With our startup course you learn the tools needed to discover, engage as well as meet the needs of your customers.

Pitch Your Ideas to Investors

Now that you have developed your product or service how do you engage potential investors and make them believe in your product or service and invest in your business? In the course, you learn the skills to successfully pitch and sell your ideas to attract more funds to sustain and grow your business.

What Do I Need?

Since this is a personalized, Cloud Classroom course, an application is required. This allows the Leaders of Africa Institute to select a cohort of startup Scholars who will best benefit from the program. The application is simple.

You must be based on the African continent to apply and submit the following through our online Application Portal:

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon completion of the program you will receive a certificate of completion. Moreover, Scholars build a portfolio of their work to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Yes! We use Zoom to connect and hold our course meetings. All of the course meetings are informative and interactive.

All of the materials will be provided for the course. There are no added expenses.

This year there is a very small fee of $25 USD for the entire six-week course. This includes the regular course meetings and all of the mentoring. The fee is only used to provide the Institute with the necessary technological resources to support the Scholars.

All prospective Scholars who are Africa-based are permitted to apply. We are a Pan-African organization, which means that applications from all corners and islands of Africa are welcome.

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