Participation in some Leaders of Africa Institute programs and courses requires an application. You can find out more information about application requirements by viewing our offerings. Learn more about the application process and access the application portal here.


Our programs and courses are available to everyone with at least a secondary education degree or equivalent, practitioners, activists, and academics based on the African continent. Some programs are open to the Diaspora. If there are specific preferences about prospective candidates (e.g., professional experience, education level), this information is listed on the program or course information page.

All Applicants, if accepted, must be prepared to affirm the Leaders of Africa Pledge and Leaders of Africa Institute Honor Code.


Leaders of Africa Institute is committed to ensuring that Africa’s present and future scholars have access to tailored, first-rate courses and mentorship. This is why we restrict eligibility to Africa-based applicants and some programs are open to the diaspora as well. Moreover, all programs are highly rigorous and require a requisite baseline knowledge and skill to succeed in the program.



Our application ensures that you are eligible to participate in our programs. It also allows us to know about your academic and relevant work experiences, as well as what you expect to gain by taking courses and experiencing our mentorship. We want to get to know you so that we may serve you. If you have any questions about the program and application, reach out to us at [email protected]


Some programs and short courses require an application. Open application periods will be announced regularly. The following programs are presently open for applications:


After the deadline passes, the Admissions Committee carefully reviews each completed application. Admissions decisions are shared about within a few days and up to one month, depending on the program, after the closing date.​


For some programs and courses, the application process is highly selective and competitive because we want to ensure that each cohort has the requisite skills to succeed in our program format and is small enough to achieve the best learning experience. If you are eligible but are not accepted in your first attempt, we will suggest that you apply again in the future.



Upon acceptance, we will share information about your program, courses, and mentorship plan. Accepted applicant must confirm their participation and complete all registration tasks by the deadline on the acceptance letter. Your learning and professional development will begin immediately after you have been accepted.

You will be welcomed into our Leaders of Africa Institute community and will be informed about the courses and mentorship you will receive.


All information and materials must be submitted through the application portal linked below. You are able to begin completing your application and save and resume the application at a later date. It is suggested that you download the application information to understand what materials are expected on the form.

Open Applications

We look forward to your application. Kindly e-mail us if you have any questions as you complete your application: [email protected]