LoA Institute

The LoAI Approach

Advocacy for the Good
& Knowledge Production in a Global Impact Community

The Leaders of Africa Institute pursues a wholistic approach that spans inquiry and research to the creation of impactful evidence-based initiatives. Unlike normal degree programs that rely heavily on lectures, exams, and memorization, LoAI relies on impact education that is portfolio-building, creative-shaping, and life-changing.

The LoAI model of learning and impact is a four-part cycle that begins with research and continues with creating innovative solutions. At the LoAI, we value crafting research and creative solutions to engage the public resulting in meaningful impact. Instead of specializing in just one aspect of the Impact Cycle, such as research and publication or tech or data analysis, we emphasis the importance of competency and involvement in all parts of the Impact Cycle.

LoAI Impact Cycle

Research & Learn

It begins with rigorous inquiry to assess need, explore best practices, and build knowledge


It continues with designing programs, tech, and experiences with sustainable high-impact value


It involves powerful, creative, and inclusive local and global engagement and outreach


It persists with meaningful change that enhances equity, social justice, and leadership

LoAI Learning & Collaboration

Interactive Cloud Classroom

Many programs take place in the Cloud Classroom where Scholars and Fellows connect in a virtual learning environment for Pan-African collaboration. Sessions are highly interactive and include discussions


All programs involve extensive feedback from instructors and the expectation of consistent learning and improvement

Personal Relationships & Collaboration

Scholars and Fellows meet one-on-one with the their instructors to receive feedback and specific mentorship

Capstone and Projects

The central focus of most programs is crafting a personal portfolio that showcases skills in an impactful way. Most programs have a capstone project that reflects the LoAI Impact Cycle

Leaders of Africa

Inquiry + Creative Expression