LoA Institute

Data + Design for Development 2021

Jelili Adebiyi

I am passionate about food systems and agriculture. I am in the Department of Community Sustainability at Michigan State University.

Etta Mercy Aki

I am a lecturer and Vice Dean for Studies and Student Affairs at the University of Buea in Cameroon. I am passionate about improving student outcomes to ensure that students achieve their aspirations. My research interests include core issues in students’ educational aspirations and educational reform.

Roland Mady

I am a statistician and researcher who identifies as a development agent. I apply my skills as a Statistician Engineer and my experiences in the education, health, and nutrition sectors to aid social impact decision-making by contributing to evidence-based public policy.

Isaac Newton Bortey

I am passionate about public policy and development issues. Currently, I work in the public sector of Ghana, where I employ my research skills to provide oversight over government agencies.

Hilson Mutungamiri

I am a civic leader with an interest in research that leverages sustainable community-based techniques and produces findings aimed to improve community development.

Peter Penar

I am the Director of the Leaders of Africa Institute and a political scientist with a focus on African politics and Pan-African integration. My passion lies in bringing together collaborative academic research and outreach, as well as working to improve higher education access and quality.

Leaders of Africa

Inquiry + Creative Expression

Applications to the Institute opening in Dec 2021