Digital Notebook

The Digital Notebook is a place to organize and track your research pursuits and share updates about your progress with your instructors. It will be important to keep your Digital Notebook up to date. In many cases, you will need to upload assignments to Moodle and cut and paste the assignment into your Digital Notebook. For every entry, you will need to create a new page or subpage. We will use Notion for the Digital Notebook.

Notion provides a collaboration tool for sharing text, audio, pictures, and data in real-time and allows for editing and comments.

Getting Set Up In Notion

The Digital Notebook in Notion is hosted on Leaders of Africa’s Notion. You will receive an invitation to join a shared notebook. Accept the invitation and use the e-mail you received the invite as your account address.

After signing on, you will need to go to the top left corner and select “Leaders of Africa Notion.” When you select this shared notebook, you will be able to view the pages that have been shared with you.

To keep your notebook organized add appropriate subpages and headers. View the tutorial to learn about how you use Notion:

Leaders of Africa

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