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Showcase 2021.

2021 Podcast Showcase
Diverse Voices, Diverse Themes

In March, the Leaders of Africa Institute invited six new podcasters to participate in the Podcast Master Class. After six weeks of course meetings, countless hours of recorded audio, feedback, edits and re-edits, we are please to share the highlights from our Institute podcasters. Learn about the podcasters and their new podcasts and find out how you can create beautiful audio stories and amplify your voice in our next Podcast Master Class’ Amplifier Accelerator.

What Made you Interested in Podcasting?
"The ability to be able to connect with people without necessarily seeing them is just magical. It takes someone with skills or someone with a certain personality to be able to have this kind of connection or with a certain way of speaking."
Christabel Atangcho
"What I enjoy is that there is a unique perspective, like great hosts invite people pick on their brains. So being able learn from people is important. Without the podcast, I wouldn't have had the chance to learn as much."
Naa Laryea
Secure the White Coat
"I'm interested in stories particular coming from social trends in Africa and current issues. "
Joseph Chazvino
The African Status Podcast
Podcast Master Class Live Showcase

Wednesday, June 23rd at

Meet our Podcast Master Class Scholars live and learn more about their podcasts. The feature event discusses podcasting, the inspiration for the podcasts presented at the Showcase, and a reflection how podcasting can amplify all voices. Sign up to receive your official invitation and the link to connect live!

Complicated RelationshipS

Introducing UPCLOSE

UPCLOSE is a podcast seasoned with inspiration, motivation and encouragement through personal stories and experiences. In her podcast, Christabel brings more to the table through monologue and sometimes conversation with inspirational guests. Take a closer look into her story with Upclose – your zone of truth.

"A Window Into Intuition"

In this episode, Christabel brings in her first guest – Bethany Nicole to help her discuss the importance of using intuition while dating. With lessons learned from real-life experiences, Bethany and Christabel share their perspective on this topic. With a personal story, Christabel takes you on a ride into the zone of truth. Find out more as you listen to this episode.

About Christabel

From finance to accounting through fashion, and now information technology, I am a multi-talented individual with a passion for great conversation. Podcasting quickly became a preferential choice as I looked for ways to communicate my story. With a podcast inspired by personal stories, I take you on a journey through truth, fun and inspiring messages.

The Experience of TEACHERS

"Teaching Language Abroad"

What is it like to teach a second language abroad? I sit down with Faisal, an experienced educator from Uganda who shares his views on what it takes to teach English as a foreign language in Saudi Arabia and his thoughts on what it takes to teach a new language.

About Gaanya

I am an experienced and proactive mathematics educator with a passion for teaching. I have 10 years of experience in teaching at the secondary education level and 9 years of experience at Shimoni Core Primary Teachers’ College. In 2020, I joined the Islamic University in Uganda as a member of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Introducing Teach For Tomorrow

Teach For Tomorrow shares the experiences of teachers and inspires educators. The podcast explores education for diverse angles including veteran teachers to teacher trainees, administrators, and organizations that share the vision of promoting powerful teaching.

Pan-African ICONS

Introducing Africa Icons

The Africa Icons podcast discusses the experiences of Pan-African pioneers and liberation fighters in Africa and their relevance today. Some of our past and present African leaders have been involved in the fight for the liberation of African countries from colonization and imperialism. Through their toils and struggles we now have an independent Africa – where most of the countries manage and direct their own affairs without being subjugated to the draconian laws of western powers. The goal of this podcast is to reflect on the experiences of the African pioneers and fighters, and how we can learn from these experiences to ignite the spirit of pan-Africanism and promote African unity in Africa today.

"Deconstructing Mugabe"​

This episode focuses on the life and legacy of Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the first President of Zimbabwe, who was in power for 30 years before being ousted in 2017 by his own military generals. We discuss the rise of Robert Mugabe, his controversial land reform which led to the collapse of the economy of Zimbabwe, and finally his legacy.

About Eva

I am passionate about development concerns, and the politics of African countries. At heart, I am an Afro-optimist with an eye towards Africa leading the world in sustainable development.

More from the Showcase

Introducing The Africa Status Podcast

The series examines socio-cultural trends in Africa. It asks simple, but profound questions of social influencers and probes our attitudes and cultural beliefs.

About Joseph

I am a community development expert with vast experience working with different community groups in Zimbabwe. I am passionate about ensuring inclusive and sustainable development in African countries.

Introducing Child Watch!

The series sheds light on the challenges children face as a result of many forms of abuse and seeks to advocacy for the realization of child’s rights enshrined in major international agreements on protecting children.

About Pascal

I am a development scientist with a special interest in the promotion of children’s rights, and I am the Director of the Coalition Against Child Labor in Zimbabwe.

Introducing Secure the White Coat with Naa

Secure the White Coat podcast is dedicated to telling the stories of minorities in medicine and shedding light on the unique journeys and stories of non-traditional medical students and applicants. The goal of the podcast is to inspire minorities and nontraditional medical applicants to pursue careers in healthcare, as well as providing resources and mentorship to minorities in medicine and non-traditional medical students so they can thrive in their medical journeys.

More to Come

We are just beginning to share the fruits of the Podcast Master Class 2021. Are you interested in learning more about podcasting or being a podcaster? Be a part of our next Podcast Master Class and receive a special alert when applications open by signing up.


“I am passionate about exploring the intersection between media, conflict, and humanitarian crisis…”

Pechulano Ngwe Ali

Lead Instructor

Pechulano is a public communication, external relations and reporting professional, with close to a decade of experience in multimedia production. He is at the Pennsylvania State University College of Communications.

“I am passionate about communicating stories and research to broad audiences that benefit local communities.”

Professor Peter Penar

Technical & Support Instructor

Peter is the Director of the Leaders of Africa Institute, podcast producer and host with over five years of experience. He specializes in interview techniques, production, and editing.

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