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Data Visualization for Social Impact

As the amount of data available increases, it is important to distill data in a way that shares the most relevant information. Moreover, data is becoming a point of reference for professional decision-making and advocacy efforts. You need to be able to present your data in a way that will be convincing to your intended stakeholders, whether they be policy-makers, citizens, or co-workers. Fortunately, there is software that helps craft data dashboards and visualizations with the ability to integrate with a variety of dynamic data sources. But bringing in the data is only part of the puzzle. There are decisions about what to visualize, what data representations are appropriate, and which design elements will speak to your intended audience.

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Meet the Leaders of Africa Institute Directors and learn more about the Data + Design for Development Program 2024 at the upcoming Information Session on Thursday, January 4, 2024 at 12 PM UTC on Zoom

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About the Program


Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, R, Datawrapper, Infogram and More

The Data + Design for Development Program covers multiple data visualization platforms including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Datawrapper, and Flourish. The object is to become an expert in these software platforms and exhibit this expertise on assignments and in a capstone project.

Emphasis on Visualizing Data

It is one thing to share data in simple figures and it is another to bring figures to life. This takes knowledge of data science combined with an artistic flair. We teach you fundamental principles of aesthetically engaging data visual designs and design thinking methodology.

Build a Portfolio

The program results in a professionally designed and dynamic data visualization in a software of your choice and using data relevant to your research and professional field.​ At the beginning of the program, you propose a capstone project and pursue it over the course of the program. You will gather original data and use advanced tools for data visualization. The purpose is to craft a data visualization project that engages a specific audience and elicits an intended response.

The Data + Design for Development Program teaches you how to use software and tools, including Tableau, Power BI, Datawrapper, and Flourish to create interactive and dynamic data dashboards and visualizations. The Program teaches you how to gather and critically interpret development data related to a theme of your choice.

Taught by Four Data Visualization Specialists

At the Leaders of Africa Institute, you learn from the best. What is special about the Data + Design for Development Program is that you learn from four different instructors that specialize in the different data visualization platforms.​

Works with Your Schedule​

The program includes eight intensive and highly interactive course meetings (eight weeks) and individual mentorship meetings to provide individualized feedback on your data designs and assignments. The program is virtual and interactive so you can join from any location.​

Important Dates & Info

Applications Open: November 7, 2024

Applications Close: January 15, 2024

Program Dates: March 1 – June 1, 2024

Program Format:

Live Virtual Cloud Classroom (3 hours per week) and Individual Meetings with Professors

Benefits & Qualifications

Official LoAI Certificate

Professional Portfolio with Capstone

Transcript with Qualifications

Reference Letter (If Required)

Application Requirements

The Data + Design for Development Program requires a brief application. You will provide the following information on the application:
  • Basic contact information
  • Curriculum vitae / resume
  • Statement of Interest (maximum of 500 words)
    • What are your research, thematic, and professional interests?
    • What shaped your interest in learning to craft data visualizations and dashboards?
    • What do you hope to learn from the Data + Design for Development Program at the Leaders of Africa Institute?
    • What are your career goals?
    • How this program will help you meet or achieve your career and educational goals?
There is NO application fee. The deadline for applications is Monday, January 15th 2024 at 12.59 PM UTC.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Data + Design for Development Program 2024 is open to all fields and from all countries internationally.  
Leaders of Africa Institute virtual course programs have a competitive application process. We have an Admission Committee that carefully reviews all applications and selects prospective Scholars with the best chance of success in the program. Scholar cohorts are purposely designed to be a size conducive to forming relationships with professors because we feel that this is important for mentorship and support.
Our application ensures that you are eligible to participate in our programs. It also allows us to know about your academic and relevant work experiences, as well as what you expect to gain by taking courses and experiencing our mentorship. We want to get to know you so that we may serve you. Carefully answer all of the application prompts fully and directly. If you have any questions about the program and application, reach out to us via the website chat or at institute@leadersofafrica.org.
The total fee for the program is 2,500 USD. However, most accepted applicant receives an automatic Impact Scholarship worth 2,250 – 2,400 USD. This leaves only a small fee of 100 – 250 USD for the program. In select cases, the fee may be paid in two installments to accord with your budget. The fee is only used to provide the Institute with the necessary technological resources to support the Scholars.

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