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Boikanyo Abigail Molefhi

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Botswana and a Master’s of Science in Accounting and Finance from the University of Leicester. I am presently pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Management and Administration on a scholarship from the University of Alabama. Upon graduation in 2011, I began working at ABM University College and have been with the institution for nine years. Through various roles at the institution, I have appreciated the role of higher education and thus my aspiration to be a practitioner-scholar in the area of higher education as well as entrepreneurship development. I have co-authored a paper studying stakeholder perceptions of brand equity in the context of higher education. I am currently involved in a national cluster development project that seeks to improve the competitiveness of the finance and knowledge-intensive business services industry. This initiative focuses on the development of specialized services, skills, and an entrepreneurship culture with the aim of improving Botswana’s competitiveness with higher education as the catalyst. As a result, I have learned more and contributed to the role of higher education in competitiveness. I have been involved in the forging of strategic partnerships and the pursuit of internationalization objectives at the institutional level. Through these interactions, I recognized the need for Africanisation of higher education and this has become an area of interest for me.


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