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Rehema Kantono

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Media and Journalism Studies from Uganda Christian University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Teaching of Higher Education from Islamic University in Uganda. As part of my research, I co-authored a paper entitled “Gender Mainstreaming in Media departments in Universities in Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia.” I also contributed to an oral history documentation project that was sponsored by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) in which we researched and documented the history of Islam in Uganda through case studies of four sub-regions (Bugisu, Busoga, Ankole, and the West Nile). In my current position as a Public Relations Officer, I have engaged in a number of community outreach projects and surveys that have enriched my research knowledge and helped me to realize the gaps therein. Currently, I am working with a team of health experts on a COVID-19 control measures response study to establish the response and communication gaps in the COVID-19 messages. All this is done with the aim of bringing together academic research and stakeholders invested in social impact to improve people’s social behaviors and promote good public health practices.


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