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Tongai Charley Murambadoro





Tongai Charley Murambadoro

I have experience working in various fields of expertise, including public health, gender, education, humanitarian assistance, community development, and election monitoring. In my professional career, I have worked with both international and local non-government organizations, such as CARE International, World Vision, the European Union, and the Zimbabwe AIDS Prevention Project. 

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from the Great Zimbabwe University. Also, I attended the Afrobarometer Summer School of 2019 at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where I successfully undertook courses in research design, survey research, and statistics, and presented a paper on corruption. My research skills have been strengthened through my participation in baseline surveys, household livelihood surveys, operations research, and my continuous involvement in monitoring and evaluating projects. 

Presently, I am conducting my own research with the Leaders of Africa Institute, which seeks to understand aspects of religious practices that may inhibit HIV interventions in Zimbabwe with reference to the Apostolic sect. My experience at Leaders of Africa Institute has enabled me to become proficient in data analysis, including the use of the R statistical software.


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