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Valerie N Pfupajena

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Great Zimbabwe University with a major in Anthropology and Rural Development. I contributed to programs that were based on behavioral traits, and this has enabled me to understand and cherish how policy change is transmitted within a community.

I am passionate about mapping the future through the past. I examine how traditional and deeply historical and culturally rooted institutions shape the present social and political arrangements. On a practical level, I have contributed to projects that employ local languages and cultural motifs to promote behavior change and reinforce current health programs. I believe that traditional and historical culture may provide insights into better institutional practices that will enhance leadership in African countries. 

At the Leaders of Africa Institute, I am currently researching the role of traditional structures in development. It is apparent that traditional structures play a pivotal role in rural communities. But, how are traditional structures being used, and how beneficial are they for inclusive development? My research looks at how traditional institutions interact with the modern state, the current politics, and the constitutional dispensation in Zimbabwe. 

Finally, I have registered a trust called Celebrate Culture Life, which promotes culture and molding traditional practices into today’s society. The organization engages in research and is setting up a culture center to showcase our culture and traditions for the community’s benefit.


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