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Impact Scholarships & Fellowships

The Leaders of Africa Institute provides scholarships and fellowships to all accepted Scholars and Fellows. There is nothing extra to do as the standard application serves as the Impact Scholarship application.

Through the LoAI Impact Scholarship Program, all accepted Scholars and Fellows receive nearly full funding to participate in programs and in some cases grants are awarded for outstanding projects that emerge from the program. It is about extensive support, accessibility and sustainability, and meaningful impact.

Extensive Support

We find that Scholars and Fellows perform the best when they are given the tools, support, and resources to enact transformative research and impactful ideas, including projects and social impact businesses. LoAI provides extensive support to achieve lasting change.

Accessibility & Sustainability

LoAI ensures that programs and opportunities are accessible while also ensuring the sustainability of the Institute and the deepening of social impact.

Meaningful Impact

Impact has a precise meaning at the LoAI. It is about measurable steps to secure a more just and equitable world that is free of privilege. The Impact Scholarships and Grants provide support to spur meaningful impact.

LoAI Impact Scholarship Program

Impact Scholarships in Three Years
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Impact Scholarships in Three Years
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