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Ali Moro

I am a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Ghana with a Master of Philosophy in Environmental Science. I enjoy working as a health researcher, and I have been in the field of health since 2013. In this capacity, I have contributed to studies on maternal and newborn health. In 2015, I joined the improved cookstoves initiative research team, which explored solutions to ensure clean and safe cookstoves for households in Ghana. Due to my interest in environmental health, in 2017, I enrolled in the master’s degree program in the field of Environmental Science. 

Upon completion of my degree, I became the coordinator of the Community Air Pollution Surveillance (CAPS) study. This is a collaborative research project between the Navrongo Health Research Center, Kintampo Health Research Center, Dodowa Health Research Center, and the University of Hull that aims to build a network of researchers in Africa and Europe to monitor and analyze air quality data using different approaches and interpreting the results with respect to population health. 

I love taking on new challenges. And, in my own time, I enjoy playing football and handball. These activities are best done in a safe environment, which I hope to ensure through my research contributions in environmental studies.


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