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Esther Kombo

Presently, I am working towards attaining my D.Phil degree after having obtained my Masters in International Relations. My research focuses on how trade facilitation can bring about positive change in cross border trading. Small-scale trade in Africa is often undermined and not emphasized as part of countries’ economic planning and support. Yet, research suggests that small-scale trade is a sizable part of African countries’ economies even if the exact size is hard to measure. Though trade can be a source of economic livelihoods, it has sparked conflict within communities and between states as well. My research looks at how evidence-based policy around small-scale trading will lead to cooperative economic production for citizens and countries as a whole.

These interests intersect with my emphasis on gender concerns. I am interested in how women can take advantage of various developmental prospects and use them to their advantage. As part of my contributions to community developmental projects, I examine how women can mobilize local resources for the purposes of greater development and more secure livelihoods. The goal is ensure that development outcomes are socio-economically and gender inclusive.


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