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Flavian Akite

I obtained my Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Development Studies, where I studied Applied Biology. After my degree, I joined the Navrongo Health Research Center where I worked on studies to determine adverse events that lead to death or hospitalization in children prior to and after the introduction of the RTSS malaria vaccine. At Navrongo Health Research Center, I am part of a team of researchers testing for the sensitivity of a machine developed by Biofire Diagnostics to detect twelve fever causing pathogens in blood. 

In addition, I have enrolled in the graduate program at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Clinical Microbiology. My thesis investigates the circulation of dengue fever infection and their antibodies among febrile patients in and around Navrongo. This topic was inspired by the guidance of the tutors and the study I chose for the Leaders of Africa Institute:  “an epidemiological study of the risk of dengue exposure among individuals living in Aedes abundant towns in and around Navrongo.” The knowledge obtained from the Leaders of Africa Institute has made me optimistic about the success and impact of these studies that I plan to undertake.


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