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Rosebud Chingwara Sithole





Rosebud Chingwara Sithole

I hold a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in sociology from the University of Zimbabwe. Presently, I work as a Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Officer at Population Services International – Zimbabwe (PSI-Z), where we are advocating for male circumcision through community dialogue and in school engagement. I have participated in several workshops focused on counseling, monitoring and evaluation, and team leadership. In terms of survey research, I have contributed to  HIV prevention baseline surveys, including projects that measure the effects of peer education on reducing HIV incidence in adolescents, infection rates, and monitor how educational efforts have changed behavior. 

At the Leaders of Africa Institute, I am presently conducting a study on how some cultural and religious practices put women at more risk of getting HIV than their male counterparts in Southern Africa. My experience at the Leaders of Africa Institute has been phenomenal. I have enhanced my knowledge of quantitative research methods and the use of statistical software, such as R, to conduct original data analysis.


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