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2021 Program
The Podcast Master Class

Some people and voices dominate our everyday conversations of themes ranging from public health to politics. Podcasts are a quickly expanding medium providing a local and global audience. The promise of podcasts is to magnify diverse voices and perspectives and provide a platform for reflection on some of the most important concerns and stories of our day. Not only do podcasts have the potential to reach a large global audience, they also allow us to develop our own creative skills of expression. We amplify more voices and your voice.

THE Program

The Podcast Master Class is a guided exploration of podcasting and audio storytelling and production. The program lasts six weeks with a special online gala celebrating the new episodes at the conclusion of the program. All course meetings are synchronous over Zoom meeting with our lead instructor Mr. Pechulano Ngwe Ali and our production instructor Professor Peter Penar. In addition, there will be one-on-one mentoring with instructors as you craft your podcast series and episodes.

No prior audio or podcast experience is required. There are also no audio equipment requirements. Our instructors will explain how to use equipment you already own (e.g., mobile phone) to produce a podcast, as well as orient you to how to use professional equipment and open-source editing software. The program is beneficial to aspiring and experienced podcasters.

To be eligible, you must be either based on the African continent or in the diaspora. All examples in course meetings are related to the African context and the Leaders of Africa Institute serves African peoples, so we have this requirement. In addition, it is preferred to be in University or preferably to have finished your University undergraduate degree.


Key Features

  • Two months beginning in late February 2021
  • Two hours of live, synchronous instruction on Zoom per week
  • Feedback on all assignments and portfolio items
  • Personalized support
  • Membership in the Institute Community
  • No professional equipment or materials required
  • Online gala featuring finished projects
  • Fee of 50 USD for Africa-based participants and 100 USD for participants abroad, if accepted (easy money transfer options for all African countries are available). All proceeds support Leaders of Africa’s programming and activities.

Program Outline

  • Podcasting Basics
  • Storytelling and Scripting
  • Interview Techniques in Person and Remote
  • Recording
  • Sourcing Material
  • Editing and Production Software and Techniques
  • Publishing, Marketing, and Sponsorship
THE Instructors

“I am passionate about exploring the intersection between media, conflict, and humanitarian crisis…”

Pechulano Ngwe Ali

Lead Instructor

Pechulano is a public communication, external relations and reporting professional, with close to a decade of experience in multimedia production. He is at the Pennsylvania State University College of Communications.

“I am passionate about communicating stories and research to broad audiences that benefit local communities.”

Professor Peter Penar

Technical & Support Instructor

Peter is the Director of the Leaders of Africa Institute, podcast producer and host with over fives years of experience. He specializes in interview techniques, production, and editing.

THE Admission Process

The application process is competitive because the Institute wants to ensure that the program is a good fit for you at this time. We also want to ensure that the participating class is not too large to offer personalized support, which we value at the Institute.

The application requires the following:

  • Background Information (e.g., contract information)
  • Curriculum Vitae/ Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • Podcast Idea and Pitch
  • Confirmation of the ability to access the course material (e.g., internet access) and ability to pay the small fee

You may begin the application and return to your saved responses at any time. All applicants, if accepted, must be prepared to affirm the Leaders of Africa Pledge and Leaders of Africa Institute Honor Code.

The deadline is February 17, 2021. If you have any questions, e-mail us at institute@www.leadersofafrica.org.



Make sure to answer all questions for the Personal Statement and Podcast Pitch with in-depth answers.

Personal Statement (500 words maximum):

  • Your research, thematic, and professional interests
  • What shaped your interests
  • What you hope to learn from The Podcast Master Class at the Leaders of Africa Institute? Why are you interested in learning more about podcasting? Are there any podcasts you listen to? Which ones?
  • And, your thoughts on the following statement: “The voices of the few are often louder than the many.”

Podcast Pitch (500 words maximum):

  • What is your original podcast idea? Only one idea should be described.
  • What is the intended audience of your podcast idea?
  • Why is your podcast idea likely to engage your intended audience?
  • How does your podcast help promote equity and social justice?

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