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Data + Design for Development Program 2021

Data + Design for Development Program

The Data + Design for Development Program takes you through the decision-making process and makes you think critically about data and design for development.

Temitope Omowumi

I am a civil engineer with an interest in the use of location intelligence and big data. I am particularly passionate about leveraging GIS, data and renewable energy to bridge the power and telco infrastructural gaps in Africa.

Sophie Ekume Etomes

I am a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and the Head of Service for Outreach Training and Community Development, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Buea in Cameroon. My interest lies in the management and productivity of higher education as well as multidisciplinary research.

Etta Mercy Aki

I am a lecturer and Vice Dean for Studies and Student Affairs at the University of Buea in Cameroon. I am passionate about improving student outcomes to ensure that students achieve their aspirations. My research interests include core issues in students’ educational aspirations and educational reform.

Roland Mady

I am a statistician and researcher who identifies as a development agent. I apply my skills as a Statistician Engineer and my experiences in the education, health, and nutrition sectors to aid social impact decision-making by contributing to evidence-based public policy.

Isaac Newton Bortey

I am passionate about public policy and development issues. Currently, I work in the public sector of Ghana, where I employ my research skills to provide oversight over government agencies.

Hilson Mutungamiri

I am a civic leader with an interest in research that leverages sustainable community-based techniques and produces findings aimed to improve community development.

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