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Research Methods Program 2019

Research Methods Program

The Research Methods Program focuses on the tools and techniques of inquiry applicable to many fields, including the social sciences, public health, and data science.

Nyasha Murwira

I am a social scientist with an interest in sustainable livelihoods and community development. I am passionate about conducting policy-relevant research with the aim to promote economic and business opportunities.

Kudzaishe Mutungamiri

I am a social scientist with a focus on humanitarian work. My passion lies in implementing monitoring and evaluation and learning systems in non-profit organizations.

June – Esther Kiama

I am a science enthusiast with a focus on health education promotion strategies in schools. My passion is in contributing to policy-relevant research that positively impacts the livelihoods, education, and health of children in Kenya and Africa more broadly.

Rosebud Chingwara Sithole

I am a sociologist with a passion for public health and HIV prevention. I am interested in creating an environment where there are no new HIV infections and zero tolerance of discrimination against people living with HIV and others affected.

Memory Mandikiana

I am a development and humanitarian practitioner with a focus on issues affecting asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants, with a keen interest in advocacy for human rights and development work implementation in Africa.

Tongai Charley Murambadoro

I am a social scientist with an interest in public health and governance. I have a strong passion for working with vulnerable and marginalized groups of society.

Tawanda Chimombe

I am a social scientist with a focus on public health issues. I am interested in public health education, human development, and relief management, with experience in non-profit leadership.

Kwame Adjei Manu

I am a lawyer and an international affairs scholar focusing on technology law, commercial legal practice, and diplomacy. I am driven to research the international dimensions of technology law.

Flavian Akite

I am a researcher with an interest in public health in rural areas. I hope to collaborate with other researchers to find solutions to diseases of global concern.

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