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Research Methods Program 2020

Research Methods Program

The Research Methods Program focuses on the tools and techniques of inquiry applicable to many fields, including the social sciences, public health, and data science.

Boikanyo Abigail Molefhi

I am an aspiring practitioner-scholar passionate about research in entrepreneurship development and higher education. My interests in higher education are the internationalization and Africanisation of higher education and the development of education hubs.

Oreoluwa Khadijat Babalola

I am an agronomist with a focus on coming up with efficient storage facilities for agricultural produce. I am passionate about achieving food security and sustainable development through efficient post-harvest practices and better agriculture and supply chain policies.

Isaac Newton Bortey

I am passionate about public policy and development issues. Currently, I work in the public sector of Ghana, where I employ my research skills to provide oversight over government agencies.

Rehema Kantono

I am a communications practitioner with a focus on media, gender, and human rights. I aim to collaborate with other researchers to find solutions to apparent gender inequities and human rights concerns in Uganda.

Gaanya Ismael

I am a lecturer at the Islamic University in Uganda. My passion lies in promoting e-learning educational technology access and improving the quality of teaching in African countries.

Arinaitwe Brian Nicholas

I am a veterinarian with extensive experience in driving innovations and promoting the adoption of animal production enhancement technologies that present both business and rural development opportunities.

Hilson Mutungamiri

I am a civic leader with an interest in research that leverages sustainable community-based techniques and produces findings aimed to improve community development.

Hamid Tunde Adebowale

I am a social scientist with a focus on the political economy of violence in Africa. My interests lie in exploring the economic, legal, and political dynamics of armed conflicts and democratic reform to prevent conflicts.

Esther Kombo

I am a political scientist with a research interest in trade and its relationship with development. I aim to ensure that development is socio-economically and gender inclusive.

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