Impact Scholarship and Fee Payment

Impact Scholarship

Presently, all accepted Scholars and Fellows receive a Leaders of Africa Institute Impact Scholarship. The Scholarship offers almost full funding for programs. Your Offer of Admissions provides you with the size and terms of your Impact Scholarship.

You are expected to pay the small balance of the fee not covered by your Impact Scholarship in full or in installments. The fee goes to support all of the technical resources you receive during the program. Our Institute has aimed to keep the entire program affordable to all. It is strongly recommended to pay the fee in full and upfront. This will lower the total costs by limiting transaction fees. In the case this is not possible, the fee may be paid in installments as detailed in your Offer of Admissions. To avoid complications, it is recommended to begin the fee transaction as soon as possible.

Three Ways to Pay

  1. Online through PayPal using the Program Fee Confirmation Form. This option involves a small fee of ~3.50 – 10 USD. This is the easiest and preferred method.

  2. Western Union or MoneyGram sent to one of our administrators with the name Eva Penar (Country: United States, State: Maryland, Postal Code: 21210). The spelling of the name must be exact and you must note the transaction (or reference) number. Vendors may charge a transaction fee, so ensure that the receiver receives the complete fee. This option usually involves an additional 8 – 15 USD fee per transaction.

  3. For Ghanaians only, your options may be limited to domestic transfers. You may pay via mobile money transfer (to Deborah Tetteh, 0543659774) or domestic bank transfer (to Deborah Akosua Tetteh, Ghana Commercial Bank, Account Number: 3051250009094).

Kindly note that paying in installments may be more expensive with transaction fees applied by the sending service.

Fee Payment Confirmation Form

The Program Fee Confirmation Form allows you to include the transaction details or make a PayPal payment, so that money can be received and noted: Submit a form for each transaction if paid in transactions.

Late Fees & Binding Agreement

You are required to make all payments by the deadline. No exceptions are made. Failure to pay by the deadlines leads to the suspension of your participation in the program and the assessment of a late fee (10 USD for every two weeks past due). If you enroll in a program and either do not complete the requirements, withdraw from the program early, or receive a suspension, you are still responsible for complete fee payment. The registration and fee confirmation are legally binding documents that certify your agreement with these terms.

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