Leaders of Africa Institute Policies

Specific program policies may vary and are referenced in your Letter of Acceptance. The following policies apply to all programs:

Completion Policy

The Leaders of Africa Institute only certifies completion upon the successful completion of all program requirements (e.g., attendance, assignments, portfolio items) at a satisfactory level. We do not provide participation-only certificates except for select workshops. All requirements must be completed in accordance with deadlines (e.g., the final deadline for submission of work).

Deferment Policy

The Leaders of Africa Institute does not allow for the deferment of offers or program withdrawal except for documented medical emergencies. You may reapply at a later date, but admissions in the future cannot be assured.

Program Material Access Policy

To guard each other’s privacy particularly during discussions of sensitive things, all recordings are shared privately and are not to be shared with others. All program materials will be available for six months after the official conclusion of the program. The materials are for registered Scholars and Fellows only and must not be shared or repurposed.

Credit & Portfolio

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a transcript with your grades for each course, a detailed list and explanation of your attained competencies, portfolio references, and a certificate. The Leaders of Africa Institute will maintain a portfolio for your finished work and strive to publicize your work. If you require a letter of recommendation, you may request one from your instructors.

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