Leaders of Africa Pledge

Everyone who engages with Leaders of Africa and Leaders of Africa Institute, including its faculty, believes that research, academic, and development pursuits must be accompanied by a meaningful commitment to values. All must accept the Leaders of Africa Pledge. On the first day of the course and on the Registration Form, all Institute Scholars must commit to the Leaders of Africa Pledge and Honor Code with a signature.

“I commit myself to further the cause of equity and justice in my country, the African continent, and globally. I stand unafraid to identify and question anyone engaging in behavior that contributes to inequity and injustice, including corruption and the protection of privilege. I also accept the well-meaning and respectful critique of others to ensure I maintain my commitment to equity and justice despite temptations to do otherwise. I pledge myself to the service of others regardless of their background and do all in my power to be a true leader of Africa.”

Leaders of Africa Pledge

Leaders of Africa

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