Crafting Professional Profile

Leaders of Africa and the Leaders of Africa Institute requires a professional profile to accompany your portfolio. All profiles must meet certain criteria. The profile will be submitted through the Registration and Entrance Survey form. It is suggested that you write your profile elements in a Word document and select a professional headshot photo before submitting the Registration and Entrance Survey form.

Short Introduction

You must provide a short introduction (250 characters or less). On the list of Scholars, Fellows, and participants, there will be a brief introduction beside your name. The introduction should include… the first person (e.g., I) and what you are passionate about. The introduction should not… mention where you are from, what degrees and qualifications you have, and where you received degrees. Example: “I am a political scientist with a focus on African politics and Pan-African integration. My passion lies in bringing together collaborative academic research and outreach, as well as working to improve higher education access and quality.” Visit for an example.

Full Bio

If someone clicks on the learn more button next to your short introduction, they will reveal a full page about you with your full bio. Your bio should be written in the first person and give the reader a personal touch about your background. The bio should include your organization affiliations, what qualifications you have, where you received your degrees, specific projects or studies you have contributed to, a restatement of the introduction — what you are passionate about, and perhaps a little about your experience with the Institute. It should not include where you are from, details about your family unless it is relevant to your work, small workshops or minor accomplishments/ certifications. You should focus on your academic and career highlights only, not everything you have done. Visit for an example.

Professional Headshot Photo

We want you to look great as a Scholar, Fellow, or participant. It is important to submit a high-quality headshot photo through the Registration and Entrance Survey Form. This means that a simple selfie will NOT be sufficient for posting and you will be asked to submit another photo. If you do not have a high-quality headshot photo, we suggest visiting a local photographer for a photo session. Kindly find an example below:

Leaders of Africa

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