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Discord and its mobile app are our places to chat, offer feedback, post useful resources, and hold live events and discussions. You are encouraged to invite your friends and colleagues to join the Leaders of Africa Discord Community. It is open to all!

Leaders of Africa Public Discord Community

Step 1: Join the Leaders of Africa Discord Community:

Step 2: Create an Account and Verify It

Step 3: Using the gear on the bottom left, change your nickname to your name (This is what everyone sees) and add a flag to your nickname by copying a icon from here:

Step 4: Using the gear on the bottom left, upload an “Avatar” in your profile (Profile Picture)

Step 5: Download the app and sign-in

All educational and special programs involve joining a second Leaders of Africa server for the Leaders of Africa Institute. This can only be done after joining the main Leaders of Africa using the directions above and receiving a special role via the Discord admin. This may take up to 24 hours after you join the Leaders of Africa Discord Server.

Leaders of Africa Institute Private Discord Community

Step 1: Wait and receieve special priviledges. Your user name will turn to a new color.

Step 2: Find the “#invite” channel listed under Institute in the Leaders of Africa Discord Community and click join the Leaders of Africa Institute Discord Community

Step 3: Your program privileges for private text and voice help and conversation channels will arrive shortly

Step 4: Switch between the Leaders of Africa and Institute Communities

Communication at the Institute

Please use Discord ( to get in touch with us. We will respond to all questions and concerns within a day unless it is the weekend, then the response will be on Monday. It is important to ask questions early and often rather than at the last minute. Questions and useful resources for everyone can be posted in the #general channel. You are encouraged to engage with fellow Scholars using Discord. It is required to download the Discord app on your phone and enable notifications. The program WhatsApp Group will be used to share important information and updates alongside Discord. WhatsApp should not be used unless in an emergency, to reach out to us. Simply send a direct message via Discord.

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