Registration and Entrance Survey


You must complete the Registration Form that asks for your basic details and includes our Entrance Survey. The Registration Form allows you to officially accept your Offer of Admission. By confirming your attendance, you indicate that you will regularly attend virtual Cloud Classroom course meetings and are able to secure the necessary data and internet connection to participate fully.

The form also allows us to confirm your details (e.g., WhatsApp mobile number, updated curriculum vitae) provided on the application form. If you do not have a G-mail address, you must create an account so that we may privately share resources and private videos with you.

Entrance Survey

The Registration Form includes our Entrance Survey. We ask about your social media accounts so that we can tag you in relevant posts, celebrate your accomplishments in the program, as well as invite you to live events. Make sure to provide links to all social media accounts that you have. This is important because you may share a name with other people.

We also ask about your device availability to help us troubleshoot software or device concerns. Finally, we ask about your interest in live and recorded Leaders of Africa events. We want to enrich your time at the Institute and your feedback will help us plan accordingly. Kindly reserve enough time to complete the entrance survey.

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