Discord Community Orientation

Text Channels
  • Jump in and chat
  • Use @ to reference people in the Community
  • Reply to comments, threads, and use emojis
  • Attach images, videos, and any other files by clicking the “+” on the left side of the chat bar
Voice & Video
  • Jump in and turn your mic and camera on or off to speak
  • Share your screen
  • Maximum of 25 can join a video chat
  • Office hours take place here
  • Jump in to join the audience
  • Click the hand to request to speak and moderators can bring you to the stage
DM (Direct Messaging)
  • Click on the person you want to message and write a message
  • Go to home and check your DMs and friend requests

Highlighted Channels and Events

  • #general-chat
  • #opportunities
  • #events
  • Content: #original-series, #inside-loadisruptivedev, #this-week- Discuss and provide feedback on podcasts, shows, and live events
  • Discord Live: Thursdays at 5 PM UTC, there is a weekly chat about current events and contemporary themes. Some weeks the chats are text-only, while other weeks they are voice-only on Discord Live
  • Discord Stage: Every so often the Institute sponsors public lectures and professional development opportunities. Join the Discord Stage engage, but be quick to join, the limit is 25 participants!

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