Academic Policies

The purpose of the Leaders of Africa Institute’s expectations is to ensure a high-quality learning environment, academic success, and a vibrant community. For this reason, the expectations are stringent and non-negotiable.

Attendance at Virtual Course Meetings

On time attendance is required at all virtual course meetings. One unexcused absence is permitted (per course), or an excused absence is permitted with an explanation of the emergency or issue that arose.


Please use Discord ( to get in touch with us. We will respond to all questions and concerns within a day unless it is the weekend, then the response will be on Monday. It is important to ask questions early and often rather than at the last minute. Questions and useful resources for everyone can be posted in the #general channel. You are encouraged to engage with fellow Scholars using Discord. It is required to download the Discord app on your phone and enable notifications. The WhatsApp Group will be used to share important information and updates alongside Discord. WhatsApp should not be used, unless in an emergency, to reach out to us. Simply send a direct message via Discord.

Completion of Assignments

  • All deadline times will be communicated in UTC, although the Institute Moodle may recalculate the deadlines in one’s local time zone
  • All assignments must be submitted by the deadline and no extensions will be permitted except with extenuating circumstances
  • Failure to submit assignments by the deadline will automatically lead to probation. If any pattern of missing deadlines arises, then the Leaders of Africa Institute will review one’s participation in the program. This may result in rescinding the acceptance to the Leaders of Africa Institute
  • All assignments should be completed to the best of one’s ability. If there is a track record of poor performance or lack of effort, one may be placed on probation which could lead to rescinding the acceptance to the Leaders of Africa Institute

Interaction In Virtual Course Meetings

It is expected that Scholars and Fellows contribute to virtual meetings regularly by answering questions, completing exercises, and engaging in the discussions.

Monitoring Moodle

It is important to monitor the Institute Moodle on a regular basis to access course materials and view any announcements that are made throughout the course. Moodle may be accessed using the free Moodle app.

Responses to E-mail & Queries

It is important to respond to all Institute-related e-mails, messages, and queries in a timely manner, usually within 24 hours.

Tuition and Fee Payments

All tuition and fees must be paid by the deadline and no exceptions will be made.

Inside Leaders of Africa & Promotion

We aim to feature Scholars and Fellows on the Leaders of Africa platforms to expand your exposure for your research and professional work. As part of this, we will feature you on our Inside Leaders of Africa podcast. Throughout the program, you may be asked to participate in short interviews. In addition, some programs allow you to share your research and work on Leaders of Africa’s platforms, including blog posts and data visualizations. Permission to share updates and material related to your journey is made at the time of registration.

Office Hours

It is recommended to use the #office-hours channel or direct message on Discord. If you would like to hold a voice chat, please reserve an appointment on Moodle at least an hour before your appointment and honor your appointment. If you must cancel and reschedule please do so in advance.

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